Siti Sulami

Technical Advisors

Expert in the design and management of comprehensive monitoring and evaluation systems, developing Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Frameworks, Performance Management Plans (PMP) and M&E Plans; creating user-friendly recording and reporting systems; data collection, management and Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI); implementation and analysis of subsequent insights to improve performance have substantial experience in building M&E capacity of more than one hundred national and subnational CSOs through intensive training and extensive, practical mentoring and implementation of QA/QI mechanisms to assess and strengthen organizational capacity. I also have background and experience in design, methods and applied quantitative research, as well as in the development of appropriate (baseline, program review, impact evaluation) such as Indonesia Demographic Health Survey (IDHS), Integrated Biologic and Behavior Survey (IBBS), and Indonesia Omnibus Survey. I am familiar in using statistical software (Stata, SPSS, and Epi Info). Liaise with government program, I have provided technical support to government counterparts on developing & strengthening public health system which entailed working closely as a policy dialogue with Ministry of Health, Provincial/District Health Office and AIDS Commission at National, Provincial and District Levels.

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