Dr. Janto G Lingga, SpP


Experienced in:

  • National Trainer for Care, Support and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, 2004 until now
  • National Trainer for Monitoring & Evaluation of Antiretroviral Therapy, 2006 until now
  • National Facilitator for Clinical Mentoring of HIV/AIDS Patients, Directorate General of Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Jakarta, 2007 until now
  • National Facilitator for PMTCT Training, 2006 until now
  • National Facilitator for Pharmacy Training on HIV/AIDS, Directorate general of Pharmacy Services, 2006 until now
  • Contributor in Developing Training Module Care, Support, and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, CDC, Jakarta, 2005
  • Translating 3 books regarding HIV/TB co-infection into Indonesia language :
    • Regional Strategic Plan on HIB/TB (WHO-SEARO: SEA/TB/261; SEA/AIDS/140)
    • Interim Policy on Collaborative TB/HIV Activities (WHO/HTM/TB/2004.330; WHO/HTM/HIV/2004.1)
    • Guigelines for HIV Surveillance among Tuberculosis Patients (WHO; TB/HIV Working Group of The Global Partnership to Stop TB)
  • Developing Guidelines of HIV patient care and ART monitoring, CDC, Jakarta, 2005
  • Developing Software for HIV patient care including ART monitoring, WHO, Jakarta, 2007
  • Contributor in developing National Antiretroviral Therapy Guidelines, 2005, 2010
  • Responsible for Pilot Study of HIV Drug Resistance Monitoring Study in Indonesia, 2008 (on-going)
  • Member of Indonesia HIV Drug Resistance, Ministry of Health
  • Member of HIV Expert Panel, Ministry of Health
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